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 What is Binary Belief? 


ABOUT Binary Belief

Binary was born out of the Pandemic.  Eastern and Western philosophies come together as never before.  The compassion and reasoning of the West meet the wisdom and serenity of the East.  For the first time, we see these teachings not in conflict with one another but in harmony.  This synergic harmony creates a flow towards peaceful perfection. 

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Wu Wei: A Taoist idea that inspired Binary Belief

Why Binary? The concept of Virtue.

About Binary Belief


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Binary's view of the Bible is unique.  It views it as a book of stories to teach us wisdom.  It seeks to set aside or "peel away" the overwhelming person of god from these stories.  God's presence in the biblical stories is seen as a literary device to highlight certain ideas.  Without the gigantic shadow of god, you begin to see the practical application of the biblical wisdom. 

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