• Mike Lelivelt

Binary Belief: A union of two faiths

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Binary belief draws upon the wisdom of Taoism and the Bible. It is non-dualistic because it sees that what appear at first to be opposites are really connected. Or as the Tao Te Ching eloquently states:

When people see some things as beautiful,

other things become ugly.

Long and short define each other,

High and low depend on each other.

Before and after follow each other.

Binary gets its very name from this foundational teaching. Binary teaches that there are three primary states: The State of Being, the state of Mind, and the State of Focus. Each of these are made up of opposites. The state of being of Yin and Yang. The state of Mind of Active mind and No-mind, and the state of focus of Self and Non-Self. At any moment in time there is an optimal combination of these three states to perfectly meet the demands of the moment. Binary teaches how to know which combinations we should use when.

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